Leather Care

  • Avoid placing your leather furniture in direct sunlight (under windows or skylights), which can lead to the leather fading over time.
  • Avoid placing your leather furniture within two feet of heat sources such as heat vents or radiators. This will cause the leather to dry out.
  • Dust may accumulate on your leather furniture but can be removed easily with a soft cloth. Do not use dusting sprays or other chemicals to dust your leather furniture.
  • For minor spills, remove any remaining liquid with a dry cloth or sponge. Do not use soap or other cleaning products.
  • We recommend using LeatherMaster for any stains that cannot be removed with water an a cloth or sponge

Certain types of leather perform better when preventative maintenance is practiced. Ask you retailer for suggestions as they may offer additional leather care and maintenance advise. Use of general household cleaning products are not recommended as they tend to break down the leather’s protective surface and cause damage.